Refractive Surgeries

Refractive Surgeries (Lasik Laser For Removing Glasses)

Refractive Surgeries (Lasik Laser For Removing Glasses)
What are the various refractive surgeries?

The refractive power of the eye can be changed by any of the three approaches:



What are the ways of changing the curvature of cornea?

The commonly used methods for refractive surgery are:


What is Excimer laser?

Excimer laser is a far Ultra Violet (UV) light energy of wavelength 193 microns. It is invisible to human eye. This laser breaks the chemical bonds within the molecules (photoablation) with minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissues. Thus it is very precise and can remodel the cornea with an accuracy of more than a thousandth of a millimeter.


How does Excimer laser correct the refractive error?

The effect of excimer laser on the cornea is very similar to grinding of a glass lens to change its refractive power. In eyes with refractive errors, excimer laser because of its high level of precision, can change the shape of the cornea to change its refractive power to the desired state and thus correcting the refractive error. 

In myopia, the central part of the cornea is made flatter, and thus decreasing the refractive power of the cornea and of the eye, and thus correcting the refractive error.

Similarly in hypermetropia, the laser removes a ring of tissue from the peripheral part of the cornea and thus makes the central part steeper and corrects the refractive error.

As we know, in astigmatism, the cornea is more curved in one direction. Excimer laser can correct astigmatism also by selectively ablating the cornea in the required direction.

What is LASIK?

LASIK involves putting the PRK treatment not on the surface of the cornea, but under a protective corneal flap. A very thin (about 0.16 mm) and precise flap is raised by a special instrument known as microkeratome. The result is a corneal flap attached at one edge, the hinge. The surgeon folds the flap to expose the inner stromal layer of the cornea. The excimer laser treatment is applied on this stromal bed to remodel it. After this the flap is repositioned to its original position and it does not require any suture. Since the corneal epithelium has only been minimally disturbed, there is only mild discomfort after the procedure.


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